Custom Long Range Rifles

Proudly made in America, our match grade custom long range rifles set Gunware far above any of the competition. Our guns are special, and we treat them as such. Each carefully crafted rifle is geared for high accuracy with a tight, zero tolerance fit from action to barrel, and completely tailored to your individual needs.

To start your custom rifle with our expert gunsmith, call us at 573.218.4888. Optionally, you may email our experienced staff at to obtain additional information.

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  • Long Range Rifle 6.5×284

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  • Long Range Rifle 6mm XC

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  • Long Range Rifle 7mm LRM

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Our experts work with you personally to strategically build your rifle for accuracy and comfort with the highest quality stocks, rifle barrels, smooth actions, and triggers. And naturally, we offer only the best quality scopes to top off your new rifle.

Complimenting your newly acquired custom built rifle, we offer top of the line reloading ammunition supplies, and gunsmithing tools.

Our approach, “Quality is Priority” assures every custom rifle is tested for accuracy and a clean fit prior to shipping, to ensure you receive your firearm quickly while maintaining our signature craftsmanship approach.


Custom Rifle FAQs

How can I order a custom long range rifle online?

Dependent upon your needs there are multiple options. Gunware has a growing selection of long range rifle parts online, or you may prefer to craft your own match grade rifle. To start a rifle made to your specific needs with our expert gunsmith, call us at 573.218.4888. Optionally, you may email our experienced staff at to obtain additional information.

How long will it take to make my custom built rifle?

Competitor custom rifle builders generally take from three months up to a year to deliver a high quality custom built rifle to you. However, we don’t think you should have to wait that long for your new personalized rifle. The advantage to purchasing at Gunware is that we house our own inventory – giving us the ability to craft your rifle within 30 days while delivering uncompromised signature quality and craftsmanship directly to your hands.

How do you choose the right action for your custom rifle?

Building a custom long range rifle requires knowing what you expect out of your weapon achieving consistent optimum performance. Whether it’s used for hunting or competition shooting, Gunware’s goal is to ultimately bring your expert shooting potential to the forefront. Know the caliber, short or long action, bolt size, right or left-handed and other specifications. If, at any time, you have questions please contact our expert staff at 573.218.4888 to answer all your questions. Optionally, you may email us at

How do I know which firearms accessories go best with my hunting rifle?

Here at Gunware, we know what it means to bring home that prize big game you’ve been tracking for months. Achieving that goal doesn’t stop at a custom long range hunting rifle. Finding the perfect firearm accessories that go best with your rifle means you knowing the type of big game you want to bring down, the range and terrain, desired rugged durability, styling and illumination. We have what you need HERE.

How do I get started building a rifle with Gunware?

Whether you already know exactly what your tailored needs are in your custom rifle, or you need some guidance with an expert to help shape that ultimate custom long range rifle, give our friendly knowledgeable staff at Gunware a call at 573.218.4888.