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  • Berger 22 Cal 70 Grain VLD Target 1000 Count

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Bullet FAQs:

Which rifle bullets are best for long range hunting?

We feature Berger, Hornady, and Nosler bullets because all three have a proven track record for being superior bullets overall.

  • Berger VLD: Originally engineered for competition, high accuracy potential, and responds to careful handloading.
  • Hornady ELD-X: Accuracy standards for their hunting bullets is the same as their Match bullets, and the “heat shield” tip to avoid excess heat buildup.
  • Nosler AccuBond:  With their proprietary core-to-jacket bond, they offer a wide velocity range in an accurate, long range hunting rifle bullet.


Which caliber bullets are best for a custom rifle?

In 2015, a survey of the top 50 shooters in the PRB showed an almost 50/50 split of shooters using either 6mm or 6.5mm cartridges. But, does that really matter? The truth is, the best caliber to use is the best caliber for you. Your custom rifle, your shooting style, your target. Talk to our one of our knowledgeable gunsmiths and decide what’s best for you.


Do you have to crimp rifle bullets?

There’s not an easy answer for this. One school of thought is that crimping rifle rounds isn’t generally necessary unless you anticipate rough handling. Also, some believe that crimping might reduce brass life. The trade-off is more consistent ammo. However, there are equally respectable arguments that crimping aids in removing the flair, as well as preventing bullet setback and an unfortunate deadly misfire. More isn’t always better – so over-crimping is never a good idea.