Hawk Hill

It’s hard to find shops with guys that have as much passion for their craft as Gunware, but we found kindred spirits at Hawk Hill Custom Barrels. Starting with the highest grade hardness and quality stainless steel tube, Hawk Hill Custom Barrels are single point cut and hand lapped. Each barrel is constructed for shooters, by shooters and proudly made in the USA for a winning combination second to none. For over 20 years Hawk Hill has been machining and building with their noted reputation for reliability and performance.

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  • Hawk Hill 6mm 8 Twist Heavy Varmint

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  • Hawk Hill 6.5mm 8 Twist Varmint Sendero

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  • Hawk Hill 6.5mm 8 Twist Marksman

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If you are not convinced, let their marked accomplishments speak to you. Here’s a few Hawk Hill barrel performance stats for 2016:

  • 1st place in the 2016 GAP Grind.
  • 2nd, 4th and 5th in the 2016 Bushnell Brawl.
  • 1st place 2016 NorCal Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge – by the first woman to ever win a PRS match.
  • 1st and 2nd in overall PRS standings.
  • 5 of the top 10 finishers in the Precision Rifle Series Championship Match used Hawk Hill barrels.


Hawk Hill Rifle Barrel FAQs:

Which types of Hawk Hill barrels are best for distance shooting?

Each Hawk Hill barrel undergoes a unique painstaking creation process, so there’s no real “one size fit’s all”. And let’s be honest – you don’t want some dusty chunk of metal that’s been sitting on a shelf for your custom hunting rifle. Taking into consideration caliber, bore, length, and twist – and don’t forget factoring in custom contour – Hawk Hill rifle barrels are one-of-a-kind for your custom built long range rifle.


What makes Hawk Hill barrels good for long range rifles?

The fact is a good barrel is a good barrel. Period. The components that make up the rest of the rifle can vary with your primary purpose, whether hunting or competition. With Hawk Hill, they use only the highest grade quality steel for barrels, and each barrel is hand lapped. The simple quality and precision with which they’re made help your consistency when shooting, which can make all the difference at 1,000 yards.


How important is choosing the barrel on a custom rifle?

Of all the components that go into a custom hunting rifle, the barrel is in the top 2 most important. Get a group of shooters and hunters together and there could be punches thrown defending the barrel as the number one rifle component, since the rest of the rifle is often customized and then built around it. Deciding on Hawk’s Hill for your barrel is easy. Choosing the barrel however, is a process that our expert gunsmiths can happily walk you through with ease and confidence.