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Mechanical Offset: What It Is & Why It’s Important

With any rifle, it is important to have an understanding of your setup and equipment. For precision rifle, when shooting inside your zero range or when you are shooting from a port or behind an obstacle, understanding what mechanical offset is and why it is important can make the difference between you effectively taking a […]

The Fundamentals of a Good Long Range Shooting Position

When it comes to a good long range shooting position, there are fundamentals that should be applied to any shooting position; whether that position is sitting, kneeling, standing, or prone. ¬†Although the prone position offers the most stability, there are some common factors that can be applied to any position to be accurate and effective. […]

Choosing an Optic For Your Rifle

Choosing an optic for your rifle can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider that it may be hard to even know where to start! Regardless, a high quality optic is needed in order to retain its adjustments through shooting, traveling, and storage. Here are some basic things to consider when choosing […]