Gunware takes great pride in offering the finest built “Custom Long Range Rifles“.  Our custom rifles and accessories are geared for optimum performance and accuracy. Whether you’re commissioning a long range rifle from our expert gunsmiths or just looking for a quality Rifle, Gunware provides only the highest quality firearms expertly machined just for you.

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Firearms FAQs:

Can any firearms be used for hunting?

For long range hunting, most certainly not. A firearm is a tool, and while there are multiple tools you can use to do the same job, some are superior to others. With their options for action, strength, weight, and ability to add accessories like scopes; a long range hunting rifle is clearly the best option for any sort of distance hunting.

Do all firearms need to be registered or licensed?

There’s a difference between “registered” and “licensed”, and unfortunately because state rules can differ, your best option is to contact not only the state you live in, but also the state you plan to shoot in. As a general rule, “registered” would refer to the state of the firearm, whereas “licensed” would be the state of the owner. It’s the same as your car being registered, and you being a licensed driver. When in doubt, always check the ATF website. Better safe than sorry.

What are the most important qualities to look for when buying firearms online?

First, make sure the website gunsmiths are licensed with the ATF for build, sale, and shipping of firearms. If you are looking for a personalized gun- build time is key. When you’re ordering a custom made rifle, be wary if they claim they can ship it within 48 hours- it may not truly be custom or worse it could be haphazardly assembled or machined. Price isn’t everything, but when you’re looking for high quality items- it’s a good indicator. If the standard is $1,200 for scope, and a website is selling it for $300, that should send up some red flags for you to do more research.

Is there a gunsmith available to speak with? When it comes down to customization, you should have the ability and option to speak with a live person, especially the one who is building your gun. Custom should be just that – custom. A phone call of questions and answers to make sure you are getting not only what you want, but what you need for your application. As with most brand name or quality items- avoid the usual questionable outlets. Places like craigslist, Amazon, and ebay can be full of fake or low quality deals. If you have any questions about starting your custom hunting rifle, don’t hesitate to call us to speak with one of our knowledgable gunsmiths.