As any shooter will tell you, the enjoyment of their first custom long range rifle can be marked by the anguish of losing a piece of hardware.

Where’d that rail screw go? Did you just step on my T nut? You were supposed to be holding my sling loops! Why am I missing an action screw?

If these frustrated questions sound familiar, then don’t throw the tools just yet. At Gunware, we have a complete line of rifle hardware available so you can have spares on hand for when life throws you those curveballs.

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  • Whidden Lock Ring Wrench

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  • Stainless Steel Action Screw – Short

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  • Stainless Steel Action Screw – Long

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  • Stainless Steel T Nut

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  • Pic Rail Screws

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  • Flush Cup-Screw In-Full Rotation

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  • Flush Cup Sling Stud Adaptor

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  • 2.05 Inch Picatinny Rail BT34

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Rifle Hardware FAQs:

What parts do I need to fix or install rails on my rifle?

The parts to install the rail system are pretty straight forward; the right base with the right screws. If you’re planning on removing your rail system for a good cleaning, make sure to have spare screws on hand. No matter how vigilant you are, you’re almost guaranteed to lose at least one.


What different kinds of screws and hardware do you need for rifle maintenance?

For standard maintenance, you should always keep the basics on hand. Our gunsmiths will be happy to get a hardware list for your components!

  • Action screws: Keep a few of both short and long (stainless steel is preferred) on hand.
  • ‘T’ nuts: Remember to never try to straighten one of the wings if it gets stepped on – always replace it.
  • Sling Loops: The push-button sling loops allow for easy-on/easy-off of the sling, so always have two spares to cover yourself or a buddy.


Which rifle upgrades and installations can I do myself, and which should a professional do?

Between the pride of having hands-on involvement of upgrading your rifle and the limitations set by the ATF, rifle upgrades can be a slippery slope accentuated by the impact of safety with upgrading and test firing – especially for the novice.

Before tearing down your custom-built rifle, understand that all the components which went into your rifle were chosen specifically to work together to bring you a highly accurate firearm. If you are considering changes or upgrades, give our gunsmiths a call to see which options are best suited for your rifle.