Nightforce Riflescopes

As you crack open the case exposing your new custom hunting rifle, you’ll undoubtedly want to check out all the specs and details immediately. Staring back at you is a precision machined long range rifle geared for unparalleled 1,000 yard accuracy and reliability- from the bolt action and carbon fiber barrel to the McMillan stock and a graceful trigger. The cherry on top is the legendary

It’s no secret that Nightforce optics have adorned the best long range rifles for over two decades. From the G7 Rangefinder and TS82 Spotting scope, to the Nightforce 2.5-10×42 and Thermal scopes; Nightforce exceeds performance expectations in the hunting field as well as in competitive shooting.

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  • Nightforce ATACR – 1-8x24mm F1 – .1 Mil-Radian – NVD – Capped Adjustments – PTL – FC-DM C597

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  • Nightforce ATACR 5x25x56 F1 .1 Mil-Radian Mil-C

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  • Nightforce ATACR 5x25x56 F1 ZeroStop .250 MOA – MOAR

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  • Nightforce ATACR 5x25x56 ZeroStop MOAR T

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  • Nightforce ATACR 7x35x56 F1 ZeroStop .250 MOA – MOAR

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  • Nightforce Competition 15-55x52mm – ZeroStop – .125 MOA – FCR-1

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  • Nightforce NXS 2.5x10x42 ZeroStop MOAR

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  • Nightforce NXS 5.5x22x56 ZeroStop MOAR T

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Where are Nightforce rifle optics produced?

Nightforce has a long standing established partnership with companies in Japan that share a commitment for exceptional precision, craftsmanship and quality. While some models are a culmination of components manufactured in Japan, there are also models solely made in the Unites States. Ultimately, ALL Nightforce scopes are proudly assembled and rigorously tested in Orofino, Idaho for over 20 years of proven excellence, accuracy and reliability in the field.

Why are Nightforce scopes expensive?

Nightforce long range hunting scopes dominate cutting edge optics technology with features including Mil turrets, digital reticle illumination and optic glass, the patented ZeroStop mechanism and advanced proprietary reticle designs seen in the Mil-Reticle. Meticulous component and field testing assures reliability, accuracy and pristine craftsmanship right out of the box. The unsurpassed qualities of Nightforce scopes, while costing more, have consistently outperformed “cheap” scopes.


Which Nightforce brand scope should I get?

The rugged NXS and ATACR scope models are perfect for the demanding durability necessary for hunting, tactical and field situations. They are more flexible to use in prone positions along with side parallax adjustment reducing potential light transmission and feature the high speed ZeroStop mechanism. Optionally, the SHV riflescopes are engineered lighter with simplicity and low light resolution optimization while achieving transferable qualities in various applications. Contact us to get a professional opinion on which scope is best for your personal needs.


How do you mount riflescopes?

Our expert gunsmiths position and tighten Nightforce rings to torqued specs using a lapping tool to ensure perfect alignment. This is followed by applying a 220 grit lapping compound until obtaining just over 75% contact with the bottom ½ of ring and scope tube to prevent pinch or torque when tightening down the scope. Finally, we level the reticle perfectly.


Do Nightforce riflescopes come with rings?

No. Your Nightforce long range rifle scope should be paired up with the correct one or two piece Xtreme Duty base, Nightforce rings, and Unimount, Ultralite Magmount or Direct Mount system appropriate for your choice of rifle scope.