Scope Levels

Any long range shooter will tell you, a scope level is the key to accuracy. Just one degree off, and your only shot misses the target by a dozen or so yards. Unfortunately, you don’t always get a second shot, so it’s best to be prepared. At Gunware, our professional gunsmiths take pride in making sure every long range scope is expertly lapped and torqued, and perpendicular to the custom rifle’s bore. But we all know that unexpected mishaps in life – and rifle bumps – will inevitably happen.

Gunware is proud to offer the premier FlatlineOps fluorescent fluid bubble levels. Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, the superior anti-cant devices are convertible for left or right-hand shooters and are easily adjustable. These top of the line scope levels feature quick installation for the do-it-yourself hobbyist or it can be mounted while your custom rifle is being built.

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  • FlatlineOps Scope Level Sniper 30mm

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  • FlatlineOps Scope Level Scout 30mm

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  • FlatlineOps Scope Level Recon 34mm

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If there’s anything our guys like to talk about more than designing and building custom rifles, it’s our passion to hit the mark consistently. We take designing and building custom rifles seriously. Bragging rights matter- and you don’t need to worry if your scope level has been knocked out of whack by scaling a tree stand or bumping a rock. Gunware never skimps on quality or accuracy, nor do we cut corners just to save a few bucks that result in faulty reliability in the field. Whether you are hunting or competition benchrest shooting, our first-class FlatlineOps scope levels will keep your optic on the mark.


Scope Level FAQs

How important is a scope level?

Any marksman will tell you if hitting your target is important, your scope level should be too. The addition of a 30mm scope level is a personal choice but is most definitely performance driven. At Gunware, we don’t cut corners when ensuring a hunting rifle scope is level before it leaves our shop.


Do all riflescopes need levels?

An anti-cant scope level is is necessary for hunters shooting on the fly in the field or from stands, and by marksmen at a benchrest or a bipod in a series of set shooting conditions. The truth of the matter is that unless your scope is properly mounted, you’re still going to miss the mark – even after taking in an hour of fidgeting with the elevation and windage. We are proud to offer FlatlineOps scope levels as an accessory to compliment your custom rifle. We don’t want you to miss that big trophy game any more than you do.


How do you install a level on your scope?

We’re so glad you asked! Mounting an anti-cant can be done quickly and easily, and most importantly without removing your scope. Simply remove the allen screws and set the level for left or right side visibility. Be careful not to over tighten the clamp screws. You can adjust for maximum visibility. Alternatively, mounting can be done at the time of your build.