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  • Nightforce TS82 Spotting Scope – Straight

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Rifle Spotting Scope FAQs:

Is it necessary to use a spotting scope for hunting?

That depends on your hunting quest. If you’re the average hunter looking to fill your deep freeze while you trek out to your favorite tree stand for a few hours, then your long range rifle scope and binoculars are adequate. However, if you live to hike through the western rugged terrain of mountain ranges and valleys or the Outback to track down that elusive big game trophy; then a long range spotting scope is a pack essential. The advantages of high magnification is good for 1000 yards giving crisp clarity and interchanging accessories goes without saying.


Which spotting scope does Gunware recommend?

Choosing the best high power spotting scope for your intended uses requires careful consideration of reviews, magnification needed and angle vs straight. For the diehard long range shooter, Gunware highly recommends a spotting scope from Nightforce. Notorious for providing the best affordable optics while exceeding the experienced shooter’s expectations for over 25 years, Nightforce demands extreme field testing and proven consistent quality. The Nightforce TS-82 Spotting Scope is the elite of its kind – rivaling the top European scopes on the market.


How do you compare binoculars to spotting scopes?

Binoculars are as compact and durable as spotting scopes, however they are more intuitive and basic to use. For the avid weekend sportsman, sighting in your favorite firearm, hiking or bird watching; a quality pair of binoculars is perfectly acceptable. For the trophy hunter, marksman and scout that require the pristine precision and clarity only a high quality spotting scope can provide, even the best set of binoculars available are inadequate.