Carbon Fiber Barrels

Bartlein Carbon Fiber barrels are Next-Generation technology in the world of custom hunting rifle barrels. The Bartlein Carbon Fiber barrel design is a perfect marriage of technologically with a thermo mechanical design. Together these winning parts achieve extreme accuracy, superior durability and impressively long barrel life.

At bartlein, they mix their original manufacturing process with next level materials and mechanical design. Bartleins goal is to create a truly new product. Their carbon fiber barrels weigh much less than traditional steel barrels.

Their process begins with stainless steel barrel blanks made in house. The blanks are then turned into a smaller profile to reduce weight. Then, wrapped with high strength carbon fiber. The end result is a high fiber content barrel that is stronger, lighter, and more accurate than the basic steel barrel. It keeps its accuracy in the most harsh of environments.

They believe that every rifle or barrel produced should perform perfectly, shot after shot, in the most challenging environments. To that end, they have a dedicated team of hunters and marksmen. So, they test products in the field and in the competitive area.