Hinged Floorplate (BDL)

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Custom rifle bottom metal is a serious personal choice and at times, a heated debate among even the best shooters. The BDL style hinged floorplate has a clear advantage over the ADL, with the most prominent advantage being the cleaning process. The one thing everyone can agree on is the bottom line – cartridge seating, fast and smooth feed and a zero tolerance fit. Wyatts Extended Box Magazines have an edge by design – they are built to provide longer bullet seating which allows for a longer overall cartridge length. The Wyatts Extended Box has been reveled by many a shooter for feeding rounds quicker and slicker than stock. Even better yet, Gunware stocks your choice of long or short action, magnum and follower springs.

Note: Milling alterations to install this box may depend on your rifle thus requiring the services of an expert gunsmith. Give us a call! We will be happy to help you out.