20 moa Rails

When shooting long range, you need to compensate for bullet drop before striking your target.

That’s where the MOA base comes in. MOA (Minute Of Angle) allows for vertical adjustment of your scope. And since we’re in the business of building elite long range rifles, we need to make sure that you are able to adjust the scope on the rifle barrel rail to make that target. This is why we carry 20 MOA rails at Gunware- because hitting your target means as much to us, as it does to you.

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  • Stiller Predator Long Action 20 MOA Rail

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  • Stiller Predator Short Action 20 MOA Rail

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  • Stiller TAC300 20 MOA Rail

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  • Borden Alpine 20 MOA Rail

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Rifle Rail FAQs:


What are the benefits of having a 20 MOA rail?

A 0 MOA base is flat with the bore of the rifle. No cant, nothing. And if you’re zeroed at 100 yards and shooting under 600 yards, it’s not that big of a deal. But trying to hit anything over 600 yards with 0 MOA, and you’ve bottomed out elevation adjustment on your scope. A 20 MOA picatinny rail, on a long range rifle zeroed at 200 or 300 yards, and you have effectively added an additional 20 inches of elevation to work with to keep your scope zeroed. The bottom line is this; with your scope on 20 MOA rail mount base you can shoot further because you can adjust your scope more.


How do you mount a rail on a rifle?

Very carefully – with a steady hand and without throwing your tools! An abridged installation for a scope would include;

  1. Removal of barrel
  2. Drilling and tapping
  3. Aligning and mounting the rail
  4. Reassembly
  5. Mounting the scope
  6. Test firing and zeroing in the scope

And that doesn’t include installing a rail for other mounting options – say, an Atlas Bipod. If your scope rail is off dead center by a hair, you could spend a lifetime trying to get an alignment that may never work long range. Seriously, unless you are well versed in installing rail systems, this is one installation or upgrade that’s best left to the professionals.