Borden Actions

All it takes is to get one in your hand and you will feel the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every Borden action. From the hardened stainless steel action body to the corkscrew fluting on the bolt body and push feed, these custom rifle actions are available as a single shot or repeater – and manufactured for exclusive use as either right hand or left land.

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  • Borden Timberline Action

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  • Borden Alpine Action

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The legendary Borden Rimrock, with a stainless-steel body and Sako style extractor, is one of the most sought after actions on the competition circuit. Smooth operation is demonstrated in throughout the patented proprietary feed rail system in every Borden action model, leading to seamless chambering for every round. If your passion is long range hunting in rugged mountains and valleys, the Alpine and Timberline actions are your best choice.

No matter which long range shooting style you crave, Borden Actions are manufactured to the truest benchrest tolerances available today. As the most accurate action available, Borden will provide an unparalleled experience, never achieved with ‘the other guys’.


Borden Action FAQs:

What are the best Borden actions for improving rifle accuracy?

There is no “fits all” answer, because so much of it hinges on you. What is your shooting style? Are you competition target or hunting? What is your experience level with long range rifles  – and with single or repeater?

Borden crafts several distinct actions, in the two traditional styles:

  • Borden Rimrock Family: The Rimrock actions are available in multiple designs, as single-shot actions and repeaters designed for benchrest.
  • Borden Alpine Ridgeline: These are single shot and repeating actions, manufactured to benchrest tolerances – reliable for hunting and are inletted for short action.
  • Borden Timberline: Like the Ridgeline, the Timberline is traditionally a benchrest design but provides dependable action in the field, and is inletted for long action.

How often should you clean a bolt action?

We can’t stress enough that dirty actions will decrease accuracy. Forming a routine to clean and maintain your receiver in non-negotiable. A bolt action rifle needs to have a consistent cleaning schedule, whether hunting or competition shooting. Consider a routine that will be easy to form a habit once you’ve become accustomed to your rifle. Either way, always clean the bolt every time you clean the bore.


What is the best way to bed a Borden action?

Pillar bedding is our recommendation. But if you’re unsure, give us a call and a professional gunsmith will be happy to assist you. A stress-free bedding is imperative, so make sure to always use spec bedding screws. During bedding, there should be no pressure applied, except for the weight of the action and gravity. Careful and slow are your greatest allies in bedding.