Recoil Lugs

One of the hottest debated topics on gun forums today are the recoil lugs. From generic stock to the custom machined aftermarket, the information out there is limitless. The question of the material and design are disputed by highly intelligent and passionate enthusiasts on both sides of the argument.

But it doesn’t end there. Invariably the discussion rolls over to the style; tapered or parallel? And is thicker necessarily better? Once you come up with the answer that’s right for you, without fail you run into the final brick wall – do you need a muzzle brake and a recoil lug? Or can you get by with just one or the other? If so – which one? Our professionals at Gunware have navigated through the choppy waters of recoil lugs so you don’t have to.

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  • .300 Parallel Pinned Recoil Lug

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  • .187 Parallel Pinned Recoil Lug

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Recoil Lug FAQs:

What’s the difference between a tapered and a parallel recoil lug?

To the average shooter or hunter – probably not much. But to true gun enthusiasts, long range competition shooters, and serious hunters it’s all about the quality. At Gunware, ‘Quality Is Priority’, so our expert gunsmiths install single pin parallel coil lugs. But to answer your question, many stocks require additional clearance work to fit a tapered lug of any decent breadth, which can translate to weakening a bedding block. The parallel lug, on the other hand, is designed to fit between the receiver face and the barrel shoulder and the consistency of the parallel design lends to decreased flex.

TIP: The single pin design allows you the convenient option for swapping out the barrel as needed for serious competition without a recoil lug alignment tool.


What type of recoil do you want on a long range rifle?

We cannot emphasize this enough – make sure you have a precision machined recoil lug, not stamped, nylon or plastic. You are custom building a precision rifle. So don’t settle for cheap products made with poor materials. We offer .300 recoil lugs and .187 recoil lugs, both of which are parallel pinned. When building custom long range rifles, it’s important to understand the particulars of each of the rifle parts and accessories – and how they work together as a complete unit. This is the key to Gunware’s success, topped with our ‘Quality is Priority’ set of values.


How much of a difference do recoil lugs make?

Recoil lugs – like most other rifle parts – have their ultimate effect on accuracy. And let’s face it – with your custom long range rifle, it’s all about the accuracy. With regard to the recoil lugs, they work by transferring the recoil from the receiver to the stock, spreading the recoil force over Understanding the type and thickness of the recoil lugs chosen during rifle building can help you understand the overall impact on the way your rifle feels during fire and the resulting accuracy.