It’s time to start picking out shooting accessories. You may be waiting on your new custom rifle order, or already have your hunting rifle and are looking to accessorize it for improved accuracy. As with a master craftsman in a hardware store, you need to choose the right tools for the job to fine tune your rifle like well-oiled machine.

At Gunware we stock only the highest quality stabilized shooting accessories available on the market today. The products from LabRadar and Stukey’s will help you to hit your target consistently – achieving marksmanship faster than you thought possible. And remember – benchrest shooting isn’t just for competitions only. Your custom hunting rifle is equally at home in your hands as it is resting on a bench, or mounted on an Atlas Bipod.

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  • Atlas Bipod BT10-LW17 V8

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  • Atlas Bipod BT22 3 Inch Leg Extensions

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Shooting FAQs:

What products should I use to steady my hunting rifle?

If you’re a bench type of shooter, we proudly offer Stuckey’s shooting benches. These portable benches are astonishingly rock solid and proudly made in the USA. The bench frame is constructed from angle iron and the legs are schedule 40 iron pipe. The portable design will fit in a standard trunk and features a tool less set-up. The matching seat has large feet for stability and a locking threaded height adjustment.


For forward stabilization on a bench or the side of a hill, consider the Atlas Bipod.  Crafted in the USA from type III hard anodized aluminum alloy, the Atlas bipod features stainless steel hardware and optional leg extensions. The Atlas bipod offers comfortable stability while lying in the brush and a wide variety of movement, especially when switching back and forth from a rangefinder. With these quality products, your custom hunting rifle will be ready to take down whatever target or game you’re locked in on.


Which accessories are the best for long range shooting accuracy?

When considering long range shooting accessories, they’re like our kids- we really can’t pick favorites. To go with your rifle, you simply can’t beat a combination of quality accessories such as:

  • High quality optics to see your target.
  • Digital rangefinder to calculate distance and environmental factors.
  • Scope level to ensure the accuracy of your targeting.
  • Ballistic Doppler radar analyzer to evaluate the projectile from barrel to target.


How long does it take to become skilled at shooting a long range rifle?

Like any skill, it takes natural talent and a LOT of practice. But practice without the right tools isn’t enough. Once you have your custom long range rifle, you need the accessories to take your ability to the next level.

In addition to a digital rangefinder, consider the LabRadar. Using a continuous wave Doppler radar, it records data such as maximum and minimum velocity, including trans-, sub-, and supersonic projectiles. Easy set up and downloadable to your computer, this ballistic Doppler radar analyzer allows you to take an accurate picture of all your conditions as you hone your proficiency.